January 26, 2016

Beanie Boo Games


Beanie Boo Games, Puzzles, And Activities

Here is a list of Beanie Boo games and puzzles available online. We have listed the most common and child friendly games and puzzles available. From floor puzzles to mind games, matching cards, bingo, and more. There is a never ending amount of fun to be had playing these. For the serious Beanie Boo collectors out there looking to expand their collection with Boo related items outside of the “big eyed stuffed animals” the games are becoming more and more popular. Some collectors prefer to leave the games sealed in their boxes as collectors items while others are quick to open and begin playing with their friends. However you enjoy your games, have fun, and play nice.


TY Beanie Boo Friends Board Game

beanie boo friends gameEveryone loves board games and TY did not disappoint with this fun for the entire family game.

• Master your memorization skills while learning about colors, shapes and numbers
• Features Beanie Boos characters
• Scandinavian design




TY Beanie Boo Bingo Game

beanie boo bingo game• Comes with 4 bingo boards and 36 picture tiles
• For 2 to 4 players
• Game time is about 15 minute
• For ages 3 years and older
• Made in Finland


Masterpieces Beanie Boo Glitter Ocean Club Puzzle (100-Piece)

Fun puzzle game

  • Perfect for ages 6 and above
  • 11.5″ x 15″, 100-pieces
  • A great way to have even more fun with your Beanie Baby and Beanie Boo stuffed animal collection


MasterPieces Beanie Boo Fuzzy Garden Buddies Puzzle (48 Piece)

Fuzzy Garden Buddy Puzzle

  • 48-piece puzzle measures 15″ x 21″
  • Great way to have even more fun with your Beanie Baby and Beanie Boo stuffed animal Collection
  • Perfect for ages 6 and up



Ty Beanie Boos Matching Family Game

Mind Game Of Matching Cards

• Fun Game For Birthday Parties

• Ages 6 and up

• Memory games for kids



Ty Beanie Boos Giant Puzzle

Giant Floor Puzzle

• Giant Floor Puzzle

• 35 Puzzle Pieces

• 60 x 40

• Great Birthday Present

• Family Entertainment


Beanie Boo Barn Yard Puzzle Game

beanie boo barn yard puzzle

• Perfect for ages 6 and above

• 11.5” x 15”

• 100 Game Pieces



Beach Buddies Boo Puzzle

Beanie Boo Beach Buddies

• 48 Piece Puzzle measuring 15” x 21”

• Perfect for parties and birthdays

• Ages 6 and up


Jungle Club Puzzle

Beanie Boo Jungle Club

• Ages 6 and up

• 11.5” x 15” in size

• 100 game pieces

• Perfect for entertaining kids


Beanie Boo Birthday Sprinkles Game

Birthday Sprinkles Puzzle

• 100 Piece Birthday Puzzle

• Perfect for ages 6 and up

• Puzzle is of Sprinkles Birthday Party

• Perfect gift for Beanie Boo Collectors