January 26, 2016

Beanie Boo Dogs


List Of The TY Beanie Boo Dogs


Austin The TY Doggy

I’m Austin, I’m not from Texas but I love barbecue bones.



Barley The Big Brown Dog.








Hi, I am Barley the Big Brown gnarly doggy.


Brutus The Pup

They call me Brutus, I’m not a barber, and I love beef cakes!


Chloe The Dalmatian







My name is Chloe, I love to ride in fire trucks with my uncle Dusty.



Cookie the cuddle puppy.

Hey there, my name is cookie. I like doggy treats and K-9 cookies.



Dandelion the yellow lab.

They call me Dandelion because of my Yellow fur, I like the water like a lab.



Darling the rainbow dalmatian.

I’m Darling, I’m spotted like a Dalmatian but with rainbow spots.



Dill the pickle puppy.

I’m Dill. I’m green like a pickle. I’ll even sit for a pickle treat.




Dougie the mini pinscher

I’m Dougie the Mini Pinscher. My bark is bigger then my bite!



Big Duke The St Bernard

I’m Duke The St Bernard, I am Big, Fluffy, and Fun!




Fetch the TY Dalmatian

Fetch is the name, and fetching sticks is my game!





Georgia the princess puppy

I’m Georgia the hound, I like to bark at the ants on the ground.




Izabella the big eyed stuffed dog.

Hello, I’m Izabella. My fur is colorful like my bark!





London the pink pooch.

I’m London the pink princess pooch. I love to dig in the yard.




Lovesy the canine.

My friends call me Lovesy, I bark when I’m happy.






Maddie the chocolate doggie

Hello, I am Maddie. When I am hot I pant and my tongue hangs out.





Nacho The Chihuahua

Hola, the name is Nacho. I am a Chihuahua.






Pablo The Orange Hound

I’m Pablo Pupscobar, and I like to howl at the moon.





Pashun The Pink Puppy

My name is Pashun, I’m a pink, pretty, peppy, puppy.





Pippie The Growling Hound

Grrrrr…. I’m Pippie the growling girl dog! Get to close and I might bite!





Presents the Christmas Canine.

Ho-Ho-Hello there. I am presents the Christmas canine. Can I be your present?






Princess The Pink Poodle

Hey everyone, my name is Princess and I am a pretty pink poodle pup.





Pugsly The Beanie Pug

I’m Pugsly the Pug puppy. Nice to meat you.





Rootbeer The Dog.

Woof-woof-woof…. I’m Rootbeer the Big Brown Dog.





Scraps the big eyed stuffed animal.

I’m Scraps, my tail wags and I’ll bark for snacks.





Sherbert The Sweet Hound

My name is Sherbert, and I’m sweet like it.





Slush The Alaskan Husky

Hey there, I’m slush the sled dog. I’m a Husky that loves the snow.





T-Bone The Blue Barker

They call me T-Bone, I’m blue, I bark, and I love to bury T-Bones.





Tomato The TY Stuffed Dog

They call me Tomato because my fur is red like one.





Tracey The Puppy

Hey, it’s me Tracey. Throw me a ball and watch me fetch it.





Tuffy the rottweiler

I’m tuffy the Rottweiler, my name is Tuffy for a reason – don’t steal my bone!





Whiskers The Wise Hound

I’m Whiskers the wise doggy, you can walk me without a leash.