June 21, 2016



Funny Dog Videos – Hercy The Great Dane




Hercules “Hercy” is a 2 year old Harlequin Great Dane that loves to play. He is a giant dog with a giant heart and loves people, other dogs, and he really likes my Beanie Boo collection. There have been many times when I have come home form school and Herc had gotten into my room and stole a Beanie Boo. Wrestling a big eyed stuffed animal from the jaws of a Harlequin great dane can be a difficult task. Sometimes I have to grab another Boo from my collection and tease him with it, then he will drop the one in his mouth and chase me to get the other Boo. Well, I can then circle back around and grab the one he dropped and race into my bedroom. It’s funny and I don’t get sad. I have Beanie Boos with missing eyes, hands, and feet. We try to sew the limbs back on and repair the Boos, but some get chewed up past the point of no return. Next time he he get’s a hold of one and has his way I will share some pictures and add them to a new page called Herc’s Boos.


Hercy eats a lot of food, and he has no table manners. When he eats he drools and makes a mess of the floor and his face. Also, when he drinks water it’s so funny because he actually submerges his muzzle into the water bucket. Most dogs lick the water from their water bowl, but Hercy submerges his muzzle and engulfs the water like he was breathing air. I will get some video of him eating and drinking and share those with you as well. Those will make some super funny dog videos that everyone will like.

The Great Dane

Here is some information about the Great Dane that I found on the internet.

The Great Dane is one of the tallest dog breeds. The record holder for tallest dog was a Great Dane called Zeus (died September 2014; aged 5), who measured 111.8 cm (44.0 in) from paw to shoulder.

Harlequin Great Dane (Black and White)

The base colour is pure white with black torn patches irregularly and well distributed over the entire body; a pure white neck is preferred. The black patches should never be large enough to give the appearance of a blanket, nor so small as to give a stippled or dappled effect. Eligible, but less desirable, are a few small grey patches (this grey is consistent with a Merle marking) or a white base with single black hairs showing through, which tend to give a salt and pepper or dirty effect.

Grey merle (Grautiger) dogs are acceptable in conformation shows under the FCI as the grey merle dogs can produce correctly marked black/white harlequin dogs, depending on the combinations. The aim for deleting the colour grey merle as a disqualifying fault is to provide a wider gene pool. Their status is that they are “neither desirable nor to be disqualified”. Consequently, this colour must never obtain the highest grading at dog shows.

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