June 25, 2016

Skateboard Art


The World Famous Beanie Boo Skateboard Art

This skateboard was purchased as a blank canvas to create this beautiful Beanie Boo landscape on. It features Stripes the Tiger, King the Lion, Safari the Giraffe and Romeo the Gorilla. In addition to the TY beanie Boo Collection of animals feature on the skate deck, there are other animals and insects that can be found in the jungle. Look closely, you may be surprised by the detail and the other fun things you can find. There are butterflies, ants, lady bugs, snakes, birds, flowers, trees, rivers, and waterfalls. This skate deck was a gift from my dear friend Amanda Booth. She is an artist and a wonderful person. This skateboard will never be ridden, it resides inside a glass shadow box and hangs on a wall in my bedroom. I will have it for ever and maybe one day pass it down to generations to come. I love my Beanie Boo collection of stuffed animals, skateboards, slippers, games, and accessories. I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

You can visit my Youtube channel that features all of my custom Beanie Boo Videos here. As of this writing we have made some fun videos that include learning and adventure for kids.We also have some really funny dog videos that feature a MASSIVE Great Dane doggy and some beanie boos. You can visit that page and watch that video either on  our site or over on our Youtube channel.The pictures featured in this video were taken during the production process of the skateboard art and are used as a timeline during the painting process. Those pictures are also featured below this article for you to enjoy looking at. You can see from the beginning stages all the way until the end. I will also be listing all the supplies used to make this beanie boo art work so that you can make one also. If we get enough subscribers to our Youtube channel we may make a new video showing you how to make a piece of skateboard art like this for your self.